Advocacy³ – advocacy with the power of 3

We guide brands, businesses, organizations and causes utilizing the powerful integration of public affairs, brand leadership and capital markets connections. We call our approach Advocacy³ – Advocacy with the power of three.

Why put these seemingly distinct pieces together? We believe that a brand’s influence is driven by two fundamental characteristics: trust and leadership. Business, governments, the capital that fuels them and the messages that define them no longer operate in a vacuum. Gone are the days when those working in silos can unleash a brand’s true potential. Our team helps you increase your brand’s influence and establish trust among your most important audiences, through a carefully prescribed process we call Advocacy Amplified. If Advocacy³ represents our unique approach, Advocacy Amplified tells you how we do it.

We connect the dots between the boardrooms of Wall Street, the businesses of Main Street and the corridors of Congress, Parliaments and Central Committees. For new ventures, established brands, or brands in crisis, we devise powerful strategies that increase your potential to influence outcomes — whether your goal is to grow your business, seek guidance through capital markets or shape public and regulatory policy.

At Advocom Group, we do more than communicate. We advocate for your success!

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Public Affairs

The worlds of business and government have never been more reliant upon each other; governments and public policy never more globally interconnected. Our bipartisan team has a unique understanding of these relationships, and understands how to leverage them to build trust, define you as a leader and influence public and regulatory policy in Washington, D.C., and anywhere in the world.

» Learn more about our Public Affairs practice

Capital Markets Connections

Our Capital Markets Connections give our clients the edge they need when it comes to navigating the intricately complex worlds of finance and capital placement.  Learn more about our capital markets offerings and the way we work with companies to unleash growth.

» Capital strategies to help grow your business 

Brand Leadership

Leadership is determined by what you do, and defined through how, when, where and what you communicate with those who share your brand. While what it means to be a “leader” varies by industry and sector, we know that dynamic leadership is established by precisely positioning a brand in a cluttered marketplace, clearly communicating a compelling core narrative through all forms of media, and establishing the path for growth — one that positions your brand to reach its potential.

» How to be recognized for brand leadership