Building Reputation and Influence for a Global Technology Brand


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Client Background

A world leader in analytical and separations technology for laboratory-dependent industries, including biopharmaceutical, chemical, food safety, water quality and life sciences.

The Challenge 

To build market and brand influence fully aligned with business objectives, by advocating, cultivating and leveraging strategic and critical business relationships in support of new leadership opportunities.

The Solution

Advocom Group helped the client develop their global brand into a trusted resource and leader in multiple sectors by:

  • Fostering, Managing and Leveraging Relationships – Advocom Group researches and develops relationship maps; conducts outreach to broaden and deepen relationships with a variety of stakeholders; and manages key relationships with partners. Advocom Group leverages the client’s existing and potential partners, customers and relationship networks to advance the client’s business and broader industry goals.
  • Facilitating Capacity Building and Educational Networks – Advocom Group develops strategies and capabilities to educate potential customers about new technologies and builds global capacity for these product needs.
  • Enabling Thought Leadership to Support Corporate Brand – Advocom Group identifies and promotes new opportunities for executive thought leadership and visibility, aligning them with the client’s broad long-term needs and business programs.

Results & Key Highlights

  • Developed a relationship networking map for one of the client’s business units, identifying the key stakeholders in industry, academia and regulators in the sector. As a result of this mapping exercise and relationship development, Advocom leveraged existing and new relationships to build a collaboration between the client, a major academic center and a regulatory body.
  • Supported client’s leadership within the world’s first public-private partnership supporting global capacity building for food safety.
  • Led and organized discussions for the client to leverage membership in a large trade association to help drive a global agenda for regulatory harmonization for a key business unit.