Jane Kosstrin


Jane is a design thinking catalyst that has kept Doublespace on the cutting edge of design and brand development since its founding nearly 30 years ago.

After receiving her Master in Fine Art from Cranbrook Academy of Arts, Jane co-created the award-winning, highly praised Fetish Magazine, which was the precursor to the launch of Doublespace. During the past quarter century, she has produced a portfolio of award-winning work that has been included in numerous national/international museum collections, books and publications around the world. Jane was a principal creative contributor on launch teams for cultural icons Vibe Magazine, ESPN2 and South Park.

Jane leads a creative studio charged with unleashing the forces of imagination and originality to produce breakthrough creative that evokes an emotional connection. Work includes high-impact brand identities, emotive integrated marketing campaigns, engaging web solutions and innovative new business/product concepts. She is a recognized frontrunner on the leading edge of the digital revolution — pioneering design of intuitive user-interfaces and initiating applications development of emerging technologies on the web.

Jane serves on the advisory committee for Publicolor, a non-profit organization whose mission is to use color in inner city schools to raise attendance, morale, test scores and teach valuable skills.