World Bank Group: Support For Sanitation, Food Safety and Poverty Alleviation


Advocom Group provided support for the World Bank in its global mission to end extreme poverty, providing both strategic counsel in the development of advocacy platforms and partners and media support in promoting programs around the world.

Advocom Group, through its work with the World Bank and Waters Corporation, helped lead the strategic planning and support of programs that conducted outreach to key audiences, including influencers of public policy, media, multi-national organizations, and private-sector and government leaders in the areas of food safety capacity building and the improvement of sanitation on the planet.

Launch of Global Sanitation Initiative. On behalf of The World Bank, Advocom Group planned and executed the launch of President Kim’s sanitation-focused initiative during the Bank’s 2014 spring meetings in Washington. In addition to Kim’s remarks before the Water and Sanitation for All event, Advocom led the media pitching and stakeholder management for the event,

including dialogues involving the United Nations Foundation and potential private sector partnerships in sanitation. The announcement included a special performance by Cirque du Soleil’s One Drop Foundation. The initiative was designed to reach global- and private-sector leaders to raise awareness and surround them with actions that could be taken by governments and corporations to improve sanitation and contribute to ending poverty.

Support for The Global Food Safety Partnership. Advocom Group was a part of the Global Food Safety Partnership (GFSP), administered by the World Bank, from its beginning. Waters Corporation, a founding partner of GFSP, included Advocom Group in discussions with World Bank to establish the Partnership, and Advocom continued to provide strategic communications support for the unique Bank-led public-private partnership during this start up. Advocom Group’s activities included support for the development of Web content; development of a global message platform and message extensions; and support of annual meetings and regional dialogue sessions. Advocom Group conducted research and drafted market-focused white papers as the framework for dialogue, progress and strategic support for the Bank’s role in capacity building through a network of International Food Safety Training Laboratories (IFSTL) with USFDA, University of Maryland and CFDA as early partners.